teiid 6.1.0 M4 Free download

teiid 6.1.0 M4

  • Publisher:Teiid Team
  • Version:6.1.0 M4
  • Operation System:Mac OS X
  • License:GPL
  • File Size:21.8 MB

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teiid 6.1.0 M4Description

Free and multi-platform data virtualization system
Teiid is a data virtualization system that allows applications to use data from multiple, heterogenous data stores. Teiid is comprised of tools, components and services for creating and executing bi-directional data services.Data is accessed through abstraction and federation and is integrated in real-time across distributed data sources without copying or otherwise moving data from its system of record.Query Engine is the heart of Teiid is a high-performance query engine that processes relational, XML, XQuery and procedural queries from federated datasources. Features include support for homogenous schemas, hetrogenous schemas, transactions, and user defined functions. An easy-to-use JDBC Driver that can embed the Query Engine in any Java application.An enterprise ready, scalable, managable, runtime for the Query Engine that provides additional security, fault-tolerance, and administrative features.Connectors.

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